Shared Mobility for you!

Download the Urban Connect app from Apple Store or Google Play Store and register with your company e-mail address

A fleet of premium e-bikes (12), bikes (15), e-scooters (10), and e-cars (5) are now available to all Roche Diagnostics employees and contractors with a Roche email address.

If you are interested in gaining access to the fleet, please reach out to us for any additional details.



Polestar Urban Connect

Book 1 of 5 Polestars  

CHF 7/ h (7 am – 7 pm)

CHF 2 / h (7 pm – 06:59 am)
incl. 300 km per 24 hrs, after that 0,30 CHF/km


Cancellation policy:
At any given time before the reservation start: free of charge
You pay for the time you reserve



E-bikes, bikes and e-scooters

E-bike UC
Bike cutout
E-scooter UC 2

Enjoy the ride with an e-bike, bike, or an e-scooter!

All e-bikes, bikes, e-scooters: as of January 19, 2024



Find location

Roche Rotkreuz map

The e-cars location to start your ride:

  1. P3 


E-bikes, bikes, and e-scooters can be found at:

  1. P1
  2. Bike Box P2  

e-bikes and bikes only

  1. Unterführung Bau 8