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Public transport integration

Public transport serves as the foundation of a holistic corporate mobility system

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Public transport integration
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Cost effectiveness

Pay only for what employees use, with the potential to get progressive discounts on usage


Incentivise the use of public transportation as the key pillar of mobility

User convenience

Integrate easily among all other mobility options in one app and as part of the mobility budget

Minimal administrative effort

All trips – both business and private – are easily settled over one platform; employers can define specific routes or times that apply for business / mobility budget rides

Integrated access to public transport

Through the Urban Connect app employees can also access public transport services. Simply enter the trip details and select the desired ticket on the public transport section. The tickets can be bought using a variety of payment methods including the mobility budget allocated by the company. Trips are categorised into private and business in-app so that we can provide a centralised invoice to the company, reducing the administrative costs. Additionally, our easy-to-use reporting dashboards give you all the data you need to make data informed decisions