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Mobility budget

Empower your employees with a monthly allowance to spend on a variety of mobility options - from shared e-cars and e-bikes to public transportation and more

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Mobility budget
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Cost savings

Reduce costs by eliminating the need to own and maintain a company fleet


Incentivise low-carbon transport options, by subsidising low-carbon alternatives like public transport or e-biking

Employee satisfaction and well-being

Easy access to mobility solutions such as e-bikes can boost employee satisfaction, health, and overall well-being

Less administrative effort

Simplify the administration of transportation expenses for companies

Flexible way to allocate resources

Mobility budget represents a fixed amount of money allocated to employees who can then decide themselves how best to spend this budget – whether it is public transport, ride-sharing services, e-bike use, car-sharing, e-scooter use, parking for their own cars, and more.

Companies benefit through cost savings, a clever way to incentivise low-carbon transport, and enhanced employee delight. It is a a flexible and equitable way to allocate mobility resources to your employees, who easily access and spend the budget in one app. On the other end, mobility managers get access to custom dashboards to manage and oversee the expenses, allocation, and usage rules (e.g., white-list the 3rd party mobility providers applicable for mobility budget; define public transport start/end destinations applicable for mobility budget, and more).