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Micro-mobility services

Connected fleets of e-bikes, e-cargo bikes, and e-scooters that offer employees a fun, healthy and sustainable way to move about

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Micro-mobility services
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Reduced emissions

Low-emission vehicles and residual emission offsetting

Cost savings

Increased utilisation allows to decrease car fleet and parking

Reduced parking demand

Alternative to commute with a private car

Easy vehicle access

Vehicles are managed via one mobile app

Employee health and well-being

Cycling boosts physical health and cognitive functionality

Simple access to micromobility

Your employees get access to vehicles in seconds! After the (e-)bikes / e-scooters are deployed at your company, employees download the Urban Connect app and log-in with their corporate email. They then get instant access to all available mobility options at the company, including the shared micromobility service. We take care of all related services (e.g. maintenance, customer support) and provide the company with real-time data reports on the vehicle usage.