Why a corporate e-bike fleet is good for your employee health and well-being 

May 02, 2024 2 min read
Why a corporate e-bike fleet is good for your employee health and well-being 

Cycling can have a positive effect on employee health and well-being. The reason for this is that it constitutes employee movement and exercise. The most impactful benefits include: 

01: Cycling improves physical health 

Exercise like cycling has been proven to be really good for health and wellbeing[1,2,3,4]. In fact, a study has shown that exercise reduces the risk of serious diseases and limits its severity [2]. Even small increases in activity, such as using an e-bike, yield significant health improvements [3], making it an ideal starting point for individuals to improve their health. 

02: Cycling boosts cognitive function 

Research confirms that regular cycling enhances cognitive abilities [5], including memory, learning speed, critical thinking, attention span, and problem-solving skills [6]. Spending time outdoors while cycling further amplifies these benefits. A study comparing regular cyclists, e-bike users, and non-cyclists found significant cognitive improvements in both cycling groups, with slightly greater effects observed in the e-bike group over just 8 weeks [7]. 

03: Cycling enhances wellbeing 

Research confirms that regular cycling enhances well-being, improving mood, resilience, stress management, and coping abilities for employees [8]. Well-being encompasses physical vitality, mental acuity, and social satisfaction, extending beyond mere health [9]. Especially, as cycling is performed outdoors, it may further boost mental well-being by reducing stress and fostering positive emotions [10]. 

Benefits of an e-bike fleet to employers 

The implications of the research suggest that companies can boost their employee well-being and cognitive functionality by incentivising bicycle mobility. The benefits include: 

How Urban Connect can help 

Urban Connect’s vision is to enable sustainable commuting. Our multimodal corporate mobility platform offers e-bike and regular bike fleets as a mobility-as-a-service offering. Companies get an all-inclusive service packaging that includes the e-bikes, their financing, regular maintenance, insurance, an award-winning reservation app, data-driven backend management and a fantastic user experience! Multiple bluechip companies like Google, Hilti, Roche and many others already offer their employees access to a smart e-bike fleet.  

An e-bike fleet encourages employees to cycle and exercise more – which benefits their physical health, cognitive functionality, and general well-being. Book a demo with us to learn more about Urban Connect’s offering! 

Kathrin Siller
Corporate Partnerships