New App Feature! Multiride Function 

January 08, 2024 3 min read
New App Feature! Multiride Function 

User experience is one of the key focus areas at Urban Connect. We continuously refine our services, incorporating employee feedback to ensure seamless rides. Here’s what we improved in our latest app update.

In the app version 3.8.1 release, the multi-ride function is introduced. All Urban Connect users can now book multiple vehicles and use different mobility services simultaneously. 

What changed?

Multimodal trips. Employees are more flexible in their daily mobility needs with Urban Connect. Users can now book a car and buy a train ticket in one go, allowing for smooth multimodal business trips and commute, including first or last-mile connections. 

Higher flexibility. An unexpected rain in the morning can derail plans for a pleasant commute with a shared e-bike back to the workplace. With this update, users can now keep their existing e-bike bookings and use the UC app to get a public transport ticket for their journey and even book a shared e-car for the evening. This feature provides flexibility and peace of mind regardless of the changes in the weather or one’s plans!

Ride with friends and partners. Users take advantage of our new feature to reserve an additional vehicle for their friends or a partner through the app using their own account. This enables users to coordinate group excursions or arrange business travel with individuals outside of their own organisation.

The following insights into the app show how the new function can be used.


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Marco Herrmann, Corporate Partnerships & Domas Bartusevicius, Chief of Staff