The driving force of corporate mobility in the transportation revolution

June 20, 2023 5 min read
The driving force of corporate mobility in the transportation revolution

On June 15, 2023, Urban Connect hosted the Mobility Event of the Year at the AURA in Zürich. The event brought together leading experts from the mobility industry to present their knowledge, research and developments on the mobility budget. The mobility budget is an innovative concept that enables companies to have the option of providing their employees with a monthly credit, allowing them to select the mobility option of their choice. This enables companies not only to save costs, but also to protect the environment and increase employee satisfaction.

The event offered the opportunity to hear from renowned speakers from the industry, including representatives from SBB, Post Company Cars, EY, McKinsey & Company, and more. Discussing how they have implemented mobility budgeting in their companies and what benefits and opportunities have resulted. It showcased how mobility budgeting can contribute to a modern and sustainable culture. After each topic was drawing to a close members of the audience were invited to ask questions to the speakers, endorsing an open discussion.

The following key points can be drawn from the event.

The implementation of the mobility budget helps companies to drastically reduce their CO2 emissions, save costs and give their employees incentives to travel sustainably.

The future is “mobility-as-a-service”, i.e. sharing mobility through shared fleets, micromobility and public transport. Companies would do well to align themselves with this as quickly as possible in order to achieve the statutory climate targets.

Many companies want to implement this, but it is too complex. For this, Urban Connect offers the perfect solution: a mobility platform on which the mobility budget, including public transport, is integrated and can be used directly via the app.

Markus Almer, Chief Commercial Officer at Urban Connect had this to say:

“We were very pleased that so many great personalities from the mobility industry took part. Many thanks to the speakers for the lively exchange and the valuable impulses. The future of corporate mobility is multimodal!”

It was a great opportunity to learn from experts and bring together inspiring and forward-thinking personalities. Many thanks to all the participants!