Shared Mobility for you!

Download the Urban Connect app from Apple Store or Google Play Store and register with your company e-mail address.

A fleet of premium e-bikes and e-cars are now available for all Roche employees, contractors, and business partners with a Roche email address!

If you are interested in gaining access to the fleet, please reach out to us for any additional details.



Ford Mustang

Book one of the 10 BMW iX3, 5 Mustang Mach-E or 5 Polestar


Private trips are priced at:
CHF 7 / h (7 am – 7 pm)

CHF 2 / h (7 pm – 7 am)
150km per 24 hrs are included, after that 0.3 CHF/km


Business trips are free and can be terminated as such in the app.


Cancellation policy:
24 hrs before the reservation start, the cancellation is free of charge.
Past that time, you will be charged 50% of your reservation costs.
You pay for the time you reserve



Enjoy the fleet e-bikes!


The e-bikes cost: the 1st hour from the start is free of charge,
then it is CHF 1.5 / h


Max. CHF 10 / 24 h


Find Location

Roche Bike Location

20 e-bikes are located directly at the Bau 9 in Basel.


Porte 13- between the two Roche Towers.

Helmets are available in front of building 9 at gate 13.


Parking B67 Caro

CaRo P67


Bau 67: External employees and contractors can not enter the Roche Basel buildings at night, over the weekend and during holidays, because their Roche Basel badge is disabled. To access the cars during these times, they have to enter via the Beuggenstrasse driveway and ring up the security (ring under the barrier on the driveway).


Security will assist here and enable the access to the cars.

Regular Roche Basel employees can enter the garage with their personal badges 24/7, either via the driveway or via a staircase at B67.



Caro Kaiseraugst map
Caro Kaiseraugst

CaRo Kaiseraugst


Bau 253, Ground floor in middle of car park on side of motorway.

DIRECTIONS: CaRo Kaiseraugst

Caro P620 Map

CaRo P620


Bau 620, drive in via Grenzacherstrasse 288, Basel, Underground – 2