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Our purpose is to help companies become drivers of decarbonization. To this end, we see employee mobility as a low-hanging fruit for companies to accelerate their path to Net Zero.

We see employee mobility as a low-hanging fruit for companies to accelerate their path to Net Zero.

Mobility is something that affects every human being. It brings people and markets together, enabling human opportunity and economic growth. At the same time, mobility is also a source of congestion, pollution, and stress.

Mobility-as-a-Service as a gamechanger

Mobility-as-a-service is the term of the hour. It represents the shift away from vehicle ownership toward vehicle access. The most innovative companies have already recognized this potential. They offer their employees access to a shared fleet of premium vehicles – ranging from e-bikes to e-cars to public transport. In this way, such companies become powerful forces of positive impact in the battle against climate change. At the same time, they help make our cities more liveable.

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Robert Ruttmann
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Judith Häberli
Chief Operations Officer & Co-Founder

Lauren Zwierlein
Chief Financial Officer

Javier Alegria
Chief Product Officer

Domas Bartusevicius
Chief of Staff

Michael von Siebenthal
Data Science

Diana Reinelt
Corporate Partnerships

Petra Aleardi
Corporate Partnerships

Simon Müller
Customer Excellence

Katharina Zobrist
Customer Excellence

Aaron Tarrago
Customer Excellence

Jana Poliachova
Customer Excellence

Arha Debesay
Customer Excellence

Sergey Tsvetkov
Technology and Product

Boris Nikolić
Technology and Product

Goran Velaja
Technology and Product

Mikhail Kurakin
Technology and Product

Michael Farkaš
Technology and Product

Oleg Pastushenko
Technology and Product

Nikola Rusković
Technology and Product

Dragana Katić
Technology and Product

Board of advisors

Bruno Pfister
Board Member | ASSEPRO, Credit Suisse AM, Assura, Scor

Stefano Säger
Principal | Helvetia Venture Fund

Bastian Zarske Bueno
Head Group Corporate Ventures & Innovation | Swiss Prime Site

Christine Schmid
Head of Strategy |

Dr. Andreas Herrmann
Professor & Director | University of St. Gallen Institute of Mobility

Dr. Thomas Sauter-Servaes
Professor Mobility Engineering | ZHAW

Sabine Do-Thuong
Head of Development | Verity

Andrius Bičeika
Deputy CEO, Board Member, Partner | Revolut

Tamur Goudarzi Pour
Chief Commercial Officer, Board Member | SWISS