Roche Basel eCars

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The e-cars are available at the following locations.

CaRo P67
Roche Basel parking location map 2
CaRo Kaiseraugst
Roche Basel parking location map
CaRo P620
Roche Basel Location map
  1. CaRo P67

    Bau 67: External employees and contractors can not enter the Roche Basel buildings at night, over the weekend and during holidays, because their Roche Basel badge is disabled. To access the cars during these times, they have to enter via the Beuggenstrasse driveway and ring up the security (ring under the barrier on the driveway). Security will assist here and enable the access to the cars. Regular Roche Basel employees can enter the garage with their personal badges 24/7, either via the driveway or via a staircase at B67.

  2. CaRo Kaiseraugst

    Bau 253, Ground floor in middle of car park on side of motorway

  3. CaRo P620

    Bau 620, drive in via Grenzacherstrasse 260, Basel, Undergroud – 2