Shared Mobility for you!

Download the Urban Connect app from Apple Store or Google Play Store and register with your company e-mail address.

A fleet of 1 premium E-Bike and 30 E-Scooters for all The Valley employees is available,
regardless of whether you’re planning a private getaway, a business trip, a ride in nature, or simply a comfortable commute to work.
Enjoy your journey!



E-bike UC

Enjoy the premium e-bike at The Valley!

Take one of the e-bikes to commute home.

All bikes are free of charge!



E-scooter UC

Book one of the 30 e-scooters available to you.

Get quickly to your desired location.

All e-scooters are free of charge!


Find Location

The Valley charging station 3

Valley Restaurant

Kemptpark 11, 8310 Kemptthal

Opposite of the Valley restaurant

The Valley charging station 2

Valley Square West

Kemptpark 30, 8310 Kemptthal

Behind the big building in the center. It is a small one, next to the big plaza

The Valley charging station

Maggie Square

Kemptpark 13, 8310 Kemptthal

on the opposite side of the classic car garage, it is a small plaza

The Valley e-scooter

Givaudan Park

Kemptpark 39, 8310 Kemptthal

The Valley e-bike station

Valley Square

Kemptpark, 29, 8310 Lindau

The Valley e-Scooter station


Kemptpark, 2, 8310 Kemptthal

The e-Scooters are next to the Kemptthal main train station